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ONESolution Quick Start & Report Guide

Quick Start

ONESolution reporting is available to all UH account administrators and support staff.

  • Setting A Default Home Page

    When you first login to the UH Foundation Financial Reporting System, it directs you to the splash page with links to variety of analytical and reporting tools. Many of the features on the splash page are not currently available. Since it requires several clicks to navigate to the list of reports from here, you can bypass the splash page next time you log in.

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  • Report Prompts

    The report prompts are used to restrict data in a report and many of the reports use common prompts.

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  • Downloading Reports

    The reports will be displayed in a web format but it can be downloaded in variety formats, including Excel and PDF formats.

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Report Guides

  • Gift Journal

    The Gift Journal report provides a weekly snapshot of gift transactions posted to UH Foundation accounts. Gift details along with donor contact information are included and can be used to produce gift acknowledgements. Up to 3 months of weekly transactions are available at a given time.

    Gift Journal Reference Gift Journal FAQs and Tips

  • Endowment Market Value

    The Endowment Market Value report provides a list of endowment accounts with dollars invested, number of units, market value of the funds, endowment status and expendable payout.

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  • Historical Endowment Market Value Summary

    The Historical Endowment Market and Book Value Summary report provides a twelve-quarter summary of the market value for endowment accounts.

    The report displays a list of accounts and the summary of the market value for each quarter. It also displays the book value based for the quarter end date. The quarter end date prompt is what derives the report to display previous twelve-quarter market values. This report optimized for Excel when downloading the report.

  • Student Aid Cash Available

    The Student Aid Cash Available report lists student aid projects with project fund balance, beginning and ending available cash balances as of the report date. For each project, it also includes a summary of student aid expenses, revenues, and unspent total..

    Report Output

  • Transaction Search
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