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Account Activity Report Guide

Quick Start

UH Foundation Account Activity reporting is available to all UH account administrators and support staff.

  • Setting a Default Home Page

    When you first login to the UH Foundation Account Activity Report System, it directs you to the splash page with links to variety of analytical and reporting tools. Many of the features on the splash page are not currently available. Since it requires several clicks to navigate to the list of reports from here, you can bypass the splash page next time you log in.

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  • Report Prompts

    The report prompts are used to restrict data in a report and many of the reports use common prompts.

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  • Downloading Reports

    The reports will be displayed in a web format but it can be downloaded in variety formats, including Excel and PDF formats.

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Report Guides

  • Gift Journal

    The Gift Journal report provides a weekly snapshot of gift transactions posted to UH Foundation accounts. Gift details along with donor contact information are included and can be used to produce gift acknowledgements. Up to 6 months of weekly transactions are available at a given time.

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  • Endowment Market Value

    The Endowment Market Value report provides a list of endowment accounts with dollars invested, number of units, market value of the funds, endowment status and expendable payout.

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  • Historical Endowment Market Value Summary

    The Historical Endowment Market and Book Value Summary report provides a twelve-quarter summary of the market value for endowment accounts.

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  • Project Documentation

    The UH Foundation scans pertinent documentation associated with the projects to the financial system such as account establishment form (orange form), certain gift agreements, and memos authorizing account administrator changes. Click on the project number to see a list of documents. Please note we have not scanned all of the documents to the system.

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  • Project Fund Balance and Cash Available by Unit

    The Project Fund Balance and Cash Available by Unit report provides information on a list of accounts for specified units including: account number and title, department, account purpose, fund balance at the beginning of the specified fiscal year, fiscal year to date revenue, expenses and net transfers. It also includes fund balance and available cash as of the report date. End Fund Balance is the net amount of revenues and expenses as of specified date for that fiscal year.

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  • Project History

    Project History lists transactions for a selected date range. The reports is on a fiscal year basis, provide details of all transactions that have occurred for a given project (account). The Foundation's fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

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  • Project Information Update Request

    The Project Information AA Update Request report provides comprehensive account information. The report can also be used as an update certain account information. If project information on the report is inaccurate, print the report and indicate the changes on the form. Send completed form to UH Foundation Fiscal Office Bachman Hall Annex 12-6.

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  • Project Information with Cash Available

    The Project Information with Cash Available report provides an overview of the account information including the cash available as of the run date. The report displays the project title, unit and campus, the purpose and the department and the status of the account. If available, it also provides expenditure purpose as defined by the donor. It also displays account administrators and support staff with access to view this account information.

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  • Project Summary

    The Project Summary report provides month-to-date and fiscal year-to-date summary. This report is a summarized version of the Project History report.

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  • Student Aid Cash Available

    The Student Aid Cash Available report lists student aid projects with project fund balance, beginning and ending available cash balances as of the report date. For each project, it also includes a summary of student aid expenses, revenues, and unspent total.

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  • Transaction Search
  • Vendor Payment

    The Vendor Payment report allows you to view payments to vendors posted in ONESolution for the specified date range, vendors and accounts.

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