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Students across the entire UH System are feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With your help, they navigate these trying days.

Focusing on the journey ahead

Your gracious act of giving goes noticed by all of us who are struggling during this challenging time. Thank you to all the donors who are helping me continue focusing on my academic journey.

Urgent relief when we needed it most

I was working two jobs, both in the restaurant/cafe industry, so when news of the stay at home order came in, and more and more cases of COVID were found, I was laid off of both jobs because they could not financially support the staff.

Light, hope and relief for taro farmer

My dreams and plans for the future is to have all my fields planted at both of my farms, and able to harvest steadily all year long. I want to provide fresh produce to my mainstream wholesale distributors as well as local franchises.

Shifting sands for turtle rescuer

COVID-19 has completely cut out my tasks at work leaving me with no income for my summer school tuition.

Student discovers hope in midst of stress

I kept asking myself, how would I survive during this time of crisis. How would I be able to pay for my phone bills, groceries, rent, and on top of that, how can I pay for school?

Maui Campus a Haven in Recovery

Even with my past behind me UH Maui College gives me opportunity, but now it's on hold.

Staying afloat to concentrate on studies

In her last semester, Emergency Management major wondered how she'd manage this emergency.

Days away from the frontline

Gamaliel just graduated with his nursing degree.  Now he's interviewing for jobs in hospital emergency rooms.

Keeping family members alive

Your donations help Jacqueline cover daily insulin and injections for her diabetic husband and son. 

School shutdown "came out of nowhere"

In her last semester as a student teacher, Sheena said goodbye to her students before their spring break. It was the last time she saw them in person.

Brand-new mom "thrown for a loop"

Kiele is a single mom to a four-month-old girl.  She lost her job and medical insurance when restaurants in Waikīkī shut down.

Two jobs lost; one diploma gained

In her final semester before graduation, Brittny lost both her jobs.  She thanks UH professors, staff, and donors for comfort and the help she needed.